Fo' Tractor (CD)
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Label: Unknown Soldier
Release Date: 2003
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop

01. Elevator Shoes
02. Human Suitcase
03. Take A Break (feat. Amir)
04. Father Antiradio
05. Postcards (from the edge) (feat. Shovelhead)
06. Mystery
07. Soapy Water (feat. Lenard)
08. Shopping List
09. Homage A'smc (feat. Subtitle)
10. Remaining Underground (feat. Subtitle)
11. Park-In-Sun's Disease (feat. Cerebral Infinite)
12. In A Rush (to go nowhere)
13. Camera Shy (feat. Awol One)
14. Equilibrium
15. These Things (feat. Xololanxinxo)
16. Save Your Soul
Producer - Omid, Slant Eyes, Anti-MC, Awol One, Elusive, Radioinactive