Ricci Rucker

Ricci Rucker
Fuga (CD)
Price: ¥1,980

Ricci Rucker (The Ruckazoid, Gunkhole, Ned Hoddings): TwitterInstagram

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: 2006
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop / Instrumental

Daddy Kev による米ロスアンジェルスの Alpha Pup Records から、奇才ターンテーブリスト Ricci Rucker のアルバム! MIke Boo との伝説のアルバム 「Scetch Book」を更に進化させ、ジャンルを超えた究極のアルバム!

01. Tension And Release (The Journey To Fuga)
02. Harder Than Hard, Softer Than Soft (The Line Between Yin And Yang)
03. 4004
04. Too Fresh For Words
05. Do You See The Pattern?
06. I'm Glad You See Now (One Tree Does Not Make A Forrest)
07. Hetytirelasitshiswalalamedmforecrosrdndartscahcgni (Nessun Regole)
08. We'll Miss You
09. Life At Once